welcome to Domo

This pretty little Brookside restaurant was inspired by our cook, Yoshi, and his fabulous employee meals back at Matsu. Although we are a Japanese restaurant, Yoshi is always keeping it fresh with original Vietnamese favorites.

The idea of opening a sushi bar with a pan Asian menu seemed logical, something more generous than the usual fare. What you know as the Yoshi bowl, is a typical charbroiled pork dish from Vietnam with those light noodles and fresh herbs.

From there, the menu quickly blossomed into form with an recipe collection inspired by family favorites such as Thai Curry, Asian Fettuccini, Coconut Basil Shrimp, and BBQ of the East.

Variations on more traditional items include a  freshened up version of Kim chi  and our House Salmon that was always a  staple at our own dinner parties.

We quickly became popular among sushi lovers for our wide assortment of traditional nigiri and exotic maki rolls and for our consistency in flavor and great service.

Here at Domo, the fish is always fresh. The rolls are made with care. The rice is always at the perfect texture and we are sure everyone's taste buds will be pleased.

You have put the love into the food and at Domo you can definitely feel the love.

6322 Brookside Plaza
Kansas City, MO, 64113


On the West Side
of Brookside Plaza
Parking is Available
Behind the Restaurant

All prices subject to market. Please check in house for todays price.

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